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Residential Life Associate PART TIME $10 to $12 per hour

  • Job Tracking ID: 512763-532794
  • Job Location: Paterson, NJ
  • Job Level: Entry Level (less than 2 years)
  • Level of Education: High School/GED
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: November 23, 2016
  • Years of Experience: Any
  • Starting Date: ASAP

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Job Description:






Qualifications: Minimum of High School diploma or GED.Have CPR certification or achieve CPR certification at first opportunity offered by agency. Flexibility to work during any assigned schedule (schedules are subject to change as per unit’s needs/ requirements.)


General Summary: Provide supervision, support and direction to HWH residential addiction treatment clients, while maintaining a safe, disciplined and caring environment on the unit and in all other venues in which clients are present.


Position Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


Client Supervision and Support

  1. Provide direct supervision and support to clients on unit.
  2. Maintain high visibility in client areas to provide structure and supervision.
  3. Assist/supervise clients in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the facility.
  4. Assist clients in attaining internal structure by strictly following established schedule.
  5. Know the names of all clients on the unit and their room assignments.
  6. Introduce self to all new clients on their first day on the unit and inform them of your role on the unit and the times you will be present.
  7. Complete rounds of unit every 30 minutes and ensure that all clients are accounted for.
  8. Ensure a one (1) staff per six (24) client ratio during waking hours and one (1) staff per thirty (30) during sleeping hours, and two staff members at all times.
  9. Facilitate/co-facilitate Didactic Sessions for the clients
  10. Ensure clients follow curfews, attend NA/AA/GA Meetings as required
  11. Coordinate meal request and meal schedules


Essential Job Duties

8. Have thorough knowledge of the contents of the Clients’ Handbook

9. Conduct searches of client’s person as per procedure for client searches

10. Conduct searches of clients’ rooms and personal property as per procedure for client room and personal property searches

  1. Follow Policy & Procedure for any client on shift who is discharged, voluntarily leaves the program prematurely, or is removed from the agency by the authorities
  2. Collect and secure belongings of any client who leaves the program
  3. Collect clients’ urines for testing in accordance with Policy & Procedure for

Clients’ Urine Screens

  1. Escort and monitor clients between Straight & Narrow units and/or facilities as required
  2. Transport, escort and monitor clients on appointments outside the agency as assigned
  3. Supervise in-house client visits when assigned
  4. Ensure all documentation is included in the client’s physical chart or Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  5. Know agency Policy and Procedures that related to your job
  6. Complete all required annual trainings
  7. Maintain CPR and First Aid Certification active
  8. Schedule Personal Time Off (PTO) in advance, at least 30 days
  9. Ensure all client’s areas and common areas are cleaned and organized at all times
  10. Assist with housekeeping duties when applicable
  11. Provide clients with approved non-prescription medication from med cart when requested in accordance with Policy & Procedure for "Non-prescription Medication kept on the Units."



Documentation and Communication

  1. Document all movement (e.g., emergency room visits, outside meetings, in-house meetings, etc.) on Round’s Report.
  2. Report any significant events or individual client or group movement outside the agency to the On-Site Supervisor; leave messages regarding any significant events for other staff via voice mail
  3. Document major incidents on Shift Report (clients acting out behaviorally; medical emergency, reportable event; positive urines, or other suspicion and/or proof of drug or alcohol use; any major changes in clients’ scheduled activities)
  4. Complete Incident Reports for any unusual occurrences and submit to appropriate supervisors.


Shift Change and Workplace Practice Responsibilities

  1. Follow Dress Code Policy
  2. Remain on shift until your replacement arrives.
  1. Find an alternate staff member who would be willing to cover your responsibilities when you are not going to report to a scheduled shift. Submit name of alternate staff member to supervisor for approval before date out of the agency.
  2. Notify supervisor if unable to work your shift due to sickness or personal emergency at least six hours prior to shift and attempt to find a replacement for the shift, which must be approved by supervisor.
  3. Report to work, as usual, on any holidays that occur on a regularly scheduled workday.
  4. Review any and all Staff-to-staff Communication Logs filed since your last day of work prior to starting your shift and initial and date.
  5. Pass on keys and (where applicable) phones to incoming shift.
  6. Complete a time sheet on the Wednesday of the week prior to payday and submit

to Director of Residential Living


Clinical Support

  1. Provide crisis counseling as necessary or make appropriate referral to SN counselor by calling or sending an e-mail.
  2. Provide groups and didactics to clients if assigned


General Responsibilities and Duties:


  1. When applicable, workweek will consist of five days per week with a minimum of eight hours work per day including one hour for lunch or 30 minutes for lunch and two 15 minute breaks.
  2. When applicable Punch in/out on the employee hand recognition time clock and ensure that all staff on unit follows this procedure.
  3. Notify supervisor, prior to shift if unable to work due to sickness or personal emergency.
  4. When applicable submit Employee Absence Report to supervisor on day of return to work after taking one or more sick day(s).
  5. Know and enforce Straight & Narrow’s Policies and Procedures.
  6. Ensure Policy and Procedure for Critical Incident Reporting is followed when indicated.
  7. Complete all Straight & Narrow’s annually required trainings for staff.
  8. Attend in-service and other trainings, staff meetings and supervision as scheduled.
  9. Attend all meetings of CQI subcommittees of which you are a member and actively participate.
  10. Take responsibility for keeping Personnel file updated with regard to filing any new degrees or certificates, getting immunizations/medical test as required and keeping any licenses and/or certificates current.
  11. Report any changes to your driving privileges to your supervisor and HR immediately
  12. Perform other tasks as necessary or as assigned by a member of Straight & Narrow’s Administration.


Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements:

  • Environment Demands and Exposures to Hazards: Normal work routine involves potential exposure to blood, tissues, body fluid, air/surface borne infections and chemicals. Must be familiar with Straight & Narrow’s "Infection Control Policy & Procedure". Must also attend agency’s annual training which provides information on "Infection Control Procedures".


Essential Physical/Mental Demands:


  1. 1. Physical Demands:
  • Must be ambulatory
  • Must have visual/hearing acuity


  1. 2. Mental Demands:
  • Must have verbal ability
  • Must be able to comprehend instructions
  • Must be able to write legibly
  • Must be able to comprehend/interpret charts, diagrams, possess inductive and deductive reasoning


  1. 3. Manual Dexterity Required:
  • Must possess dexterity, stand, sit, walk, lift and carry twenty pounds for short distances



American with Disabilities Act Statement:


External and internal applicants as well as position incumbents who become disabled, must be able to perform the essential job specific function (listed within each job specific responsibility) either unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by the organization on a case by case basis.




Although Straight & Narrow has attempted to accurately and thoroughly describe this position, Straight & Narrow reserves the right to change the same, including to change, add to or subtract from the duties outlined, within the sole discretion of Straight & Narrow, at any time, with or without advance notice. This job description in no way implies that these are the only duties, including essential duties, to be performed by the employee occupying this position. This job description is not an employment contract, implied or otherwise. The employment relationship remains "at-will". The aforementioned job requirements are subject to change to reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with disabilities.




This is to acknowledge that I have reviewed this job description with my supervisor; it has been discussed with me; I understand the performance expected of me; and I also understand that it is my responsibility to comply with this job description as well as any revisions made to it. In addition, my supervisor has provided me with a signed copy of this job description for my own records.





Experience and Skills:


Qualifications: Minimum of High School diploma or GED.Have CPR certification or achieve CPR certification at first opportunity offered by agency. Flexibility to work during any assigned schedule (schedules are subject to change as per unit’s needs/ requirements.) Associates or Bachelors Level preferred. Experience working with substance use and Mental Health


General Summary: Provide supervision, support and direction to HWH residential addiction treatment clients, while maintaining a safe, disciplined and caring environment on the unit and in all other venues in which clients are present.


Benefits Included but limited to:

Full Medical benefits, dental and vision

Vacation Days

Personal Days

Paid Holidays

Sick Days

Training Days

Retirement Savings Plan

Among many other benefits


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