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Janitorial/Maintenance Worker (Full-time)

  • Job Tracking ID: 512763-599367
  • Job Location: Paterson, NJ
  • Job Level: Any
  • Level of Education: Any
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: February 07, 2018
  • Years of Experience: Any
  • Starting Date: ASAP

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Job Description:

Job Specific Responsibilities and Duties:


Ensure that the entire ChildCareCenter is kept clean at all times.



1. Ensure that paper towels and toilet paper are always in holders and never on the floor or on counters.

2. Check and fill all soap dispensers.

3. Fill up bleach, soap and water bottles for each room and ensure that the bottles are labeled.

4. Bathrooms are to be cleaned after breakfast, after lunch and before you leave for the day.

5. Clean all bathrooms, making sure you clean the entire toilet, under the lid, bottom of toilet as well as the wall behind the toilet.

6. Clean toilet area and sink in the bathrooms with bathroom disinfectant.

7. Clean mirrors in the bathrooms with window cleaner, sweep and mop floor, and take out trash, as dictated in infant (pamper) areas.

8. Clean and sanitize any spills or unexpected accidents by kids or staff immediately or as requested by day care staff.



9. Vacuum along hallway, vacuum offices that need to be vacuumed.

10. Clean all glass windows with window cleaner.


Classrooms & Offices:

11. Clean all offices, sweep floor, mop floor and take out trash. Take out trash out of classrooms after meals.

12. Classrooms floors to be swept, mopped, bathrooms to be sanitized

13. Clean employees lounge, wipe tables, sweep floor, mop floor and take out trash.

14. Clean mop sink daily and ensure that mops are clean and hanging, mop bucket is clean and empty when not in use. Keep water clean at all times, this means that water is to be changed after cleaning each room.


Building Exterior and Interior:

1. Keep walkways free and clear of any and all debris.

2. Empty garbage cans and change liners as assigned and/or when requested.

3. Sweep and mop floors in the foyers as assigned.

4. Clean windows, doors and surfaces in the foyers as assigned.


Weekly Responsibilities:

1. Wash and keep clean garbage cans with disinfectant.

2. Dust furniture in offices and hallways.

3. Clean supply room, and mop sink room (see item # 15 above).

4. Clean cleaning cart with disinfectant.

5. Wipe down walls where needed.

6. Notify supervisor in a timely manner if cleaning supplies need to be ordered.

Experience and Skills:

Must possess ability both to work independently and follow directions. Must have knowledge of housekeeping and infection control procedures.

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